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 Quantum LEEP Academy offers full day onsite programming, onsite individual therapeutic services,  and telehealth options for individual therapeutic services.


Breaking traditional models to create the future of education through
 individualized, tailored, educational programming for children
 kindergarten through eighth grade.

Occupational Therapy
Developmental Therapy
Speech and Language Pathology
Physical Therapy

Social Work Services 
DIR® Floortime
Applied Behavior Analysis
Social Groups
Transitional Education/IEP Support
Parent Coaching 
Summer Camps
Inclusive Programming
Respite Care/Family Retreats  
Academic Tutoring

Quantum LEEP Academy believes education can be individually designed for each student, and the parents who send their children want to be part of that change.  With a neuro-diversity based approach to education, LEEP Forward and Quantum LEEP Academy focus on creating environments where children can thrive.  The program serves as an innovation platform, where teachers, multi-discipline therapists and educators work together to develop curriculums with a focus not only on academics but emotional growth.  
The LEEP experience helps integrate the right and left brain equally to build skills needed in our evolving technology focused world.  Individualized curriculums are built to engage each child with hands-on learning that promote strong communication skills, collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and problem solving. 

The partnership between the school programming and the LEEP Forward clinical team allows for seamless integration of therapeutic services, learning accommodations, supplementary modifications and the ease of parent communication with one unified team.  The onsite services include; Occupational/Physical/Developmental Therapy Services, Speech and Language Pathology Services, Social Work Services, Early Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis, Social Groups, Transitional Education/IEP Support Services, Parent Coaching & Counseling,  Summer Camps, Inclusive Programming, Respite Care/Family Retreats in collaboration with LEEP Beyond NPO,  and Therapeutic Academic Tutoring. 

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