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LEEP is built on best practices rooted in a developmental, individualized relationship based approach, instilling a sense of self confidence, promoting a love of learning, while preparing our students for their future.  Our programs are designed to support social emotional development in order to build the foundation for social and academic success.
LEEP began as a Developmental Therapeutic Clinic and Preschool program 14 years ago.  Lorell Marin started the program when she saw a gap in services for children after Early Intervention services ended. Lorell decided to create something for children over the age of three. Her vision has expanded and grown every year.   LEEP has continued to follow that model of building our programming based on the needs of the community we serve. 



Lorell Marin



Lorell Marin founded LEEP from her desire to create innovative and inclusive learning environments for all children. In 2004, she founded LEEP Forward Developmental Therapy Clinic & Therapeutic Preschool. In 2018, Quantum LEEP Academy opened it's doors at 1447 W Montrose. Lorell holds a Masters in both Social Work and Teaching, specializing in Special Education. She is a credentialed Developmental Therapist, DIR® Floortime Certified, a certified Play Project Consultant in training,  also currently training in Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ or Mendabilty, and is completing her Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification. 


Her expertise in multiple approaches fueled the LEEP philosophy, of marrying the methodologies to create individual programs and watch each child flourish. Lorell has expanded on that vision creating LEEP Beyond Non-profit.

School Children
Education Designed Differently. 
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