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Use our unique space for your event! 
We will customize your experience using our facility's many features. From professional trainings, to educational fairs,  to children birthday parties we have the space and creative passion to help your event
come to life. 

Events Hosted

We have hosted a variety of events at QLA including:



  • Greenfields Children's Business Fair

  • Play Project's 2 Day Intensive Training

  • Transitional Education/IEP Support

  • IM Training

  • Staff Training for 50+ employees

  • Children's Birthday parties

  • Bolly Grooves Cultural Educational Classes 

  • Private Contractor Educational Classes

Facility Features:

  • Traditional Gym Space 

  • Sensory Gym Space\

  • I-Click Beam interactive gaming projector

  • Bounce House 

  • Classrooms space for weekly classes

  • Kitchen

  • Calming rooms

  • Support Staff


If you are interested in learning more about our space or planning your event- please Email Nick Rizza:

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